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Caregiving in The Comfort of Home® is your source for award-winning education and support materials for family caregivers and in-service training programs for staff.

·      BOOKS, MINI-GUIDES, and JOURNAL For your libraries or support group meetings, consider the award-winning The Comfort of Home® caregiving books created for the family caregivers you support and train.

·      NEWSLETTERS  The Caregiver Assistance News fulfills your staff’s one-hour, monthly CE credit requirement with a simple, entertaining, and informational monthly newsletter. The newsletter gives family caregivers the information needed to do their job with confidence, pride and an increased level of competence. A perfect way to support caregivers who cannot come to support group meetings or trainings.  The Caregivers-Let's Take Care of You! newsletter is designed to help caregivers avoid stress and burnout, encourages use of back-up care, health and well-being, resources, and much more.

·      TRAINING KITS For complete in-service and family caregiver training programs, The Comfort of Home® series includes “one-stop” Caregiver Training Kits. Presentation Kits include a PowerPoint presentation, instructor's notes and handouts designed to deliver a  comprehensive family or para-professional caregiver training program.

·      VIDEOS Through our informative award-winning video series: The Educated Caregiver and The Family Guide to Long-term Care, and The Family Guide to Alzheimer’s, families across America have gained valuable skills and insights that are helping them and their loved ones. The Caregivers-Let’s Take Care of You! Caregiver Stress Meditation CD offers coping techniques, helps to reduce anxiety, and draws on inspirational support for family caregivers.

PRAISE “A must have resource for anyone assuming or considering the caregiver role. Physicians, family practitioners and geriatricians, and hospital social workers should be familiar with the book and recommend it to families of the elderly.” —Reviewers Choice, Home Care University Quality Review

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